Marcia Daszko - Pivot, Disrupt or Transform

There is a powerful theoretical foundation of management and leadership that, surprisingly enough, a vast number of leaders--and even executives--are still unaware of. That is the foundation for this episode of "The Teamwork Advantage."
Marcia Daszko helps us to recognize that, in the midst of changing times, is a powerful place to succeed. This begins with a compelling purpose. Moving from a small boutique consulting firm, Marcia studied Dr. Deming’s work extensively to learn the secrets of being a powerful leader.

Marcia shares stories and fundamental examples of organizations that have flourished, and others who have floundered. She also talks about her own Strategic compass that you can view at:

For our podcast listeners, Marcia has offered our listeners the opportunity to take her leadership assessment, here:

To contact Marcia directly, visit her website at
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