Genefa Murphy - How TLC affects the Customer Experience

We find that Teamwork, Leadership, Culture (TLC) concepts heavily affect the overall customer experience. In this important episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Genefa Murphy shares her leadership and team-based success secrets to increase your CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index).
Genefa Murphy comes from a background in Information Technology and Development Operations. She now works in Customer Experience and focuses on marketing.  Her leadership style focuses on the 3 M’s - Method, Message and Making It Work.

In call centers across the country, You might think that the customer experience in call centers across the country would have improved since the pandemic.  

Instead, primarily due to the volume and velocity of the calls that customer experience teams were dealing with, at that time, some customer experiences were not positive.

This is a direct result of the fact that, prior to the pandemic, so much of what customers did was often done in person. During the pandemic, and after, customers were forced to handle customer support issues completely online or over the phone. This increased the overall volume and the speed, or velocity, at which calls were coming in. 
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