Dr. Eric Holsapple - Mindful Leadership: Enhancing Your Skills Through Yoga and Meditation

Are you curious how yoga and meditation can enhance your leadership skills and help you influence others? Join us in this insightful episode of the Teamwork Advantage, as we speak with Dr. Eric Holsapple, a successful former businessman turned Mindful Leadership expert.

Dr. Holsapple shares his personal journey of finding happiness and meaning beyond material success through yoga and meditation. He has since developed a program called "Living in the Gap" that teaches the art of Mindful Leadership to individuals and organizations.

In this episode, you'll discover powerful yet simple techniques that will help you become more mindful, and ultimately, a more decisive leader. Dr. Holsapple emphasizes the importance of cultivating mindfulness to navigate life's unpredictability and shares a relatable analogy of waking up each day not knowing what pitch you're going to get. With proper mindfulness, you can hit any of those 

Whether you're a business leader, an entrepreneur, or someone interested in personal growth, this 
episode will provide you with practical insights and valuable takeaways. 
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