Alyssa Cox - Don’t Hide a Dead Fish in Your Desk

In this episode, our guest Alyssa Cox, talks about the need to not avoid those difficult conversations. She says it's like hiding a dead fish in your desk – we all know it is there – and it just gets worse over time.
Alyssa Cox shares some outstanding tips and secrets that every team needs to know about building trust, vulnerability, and transparency.  Alyssa has worked in the consulting industry for a number of  years, and with some of the largest consulting firms. Now she shares the things, that she has discovered, that actually work when interacting with your teammates.

She helps us understand the need for creating an environment of psychological safety in the workplace.  She shares with us the strategies and benefits of very simple, and yet very tactical, things.  These strategies apply regardless if you are working in person or virtually.  

These simple ideas are learning from our failures, both big and small, and encouraging conversation between peers.

On the surface, this may seem innocuous and trivial. Yet, if we apply these ideas with thought and intention, we can realize some very powerful results. 
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