Alison Hunter - The Power of Storytelling: Building Trust and Engagement are Critical to Successful On-Purpose Teams

Today, we break the mold by featuring a guest who combines the worlds of anthropology and technology. 

In this episode of The Teamwork Advantage, Alison Hunter shares insights on the power of storytelling to build vulnerability, trust, and engagement within teams. By understanding the stories of team members, leaders can create a culture that leads to everyone being passionate about the team's mission and build a successful, On-Purpose team. 

Alison's unique background as an anthropologist and tech enthusiast allows her to provide a fresh perspective on teamwork, leadership, and culture. Throughout the episode, she shares practical tips for how to effectively utilize storytelling to enhance team dynamics and foster a sense of shared purpose. 

Listeners will come away with a better understanding of how to create a culture of trust and collaboration, and how to tap into the power of narrative to drive organizational success. 

To learn more about Alison, please find her on LinkedIn at the link below:

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